Data Analysis with 'Pitagora Devices'

Pitagora-Galaxy Project regularly tests selected Galaxy tools (= Pitagora devices) and introduce them in this website. If you haven't got your Galaxy yet, download a Virtual Machine or go to our test site, and try it now!

What Can We Do with Pitagora-Galaxy?

The tools and workflows we tested and configured are listed bellow. The other Galaxy standard tools are also available, and you can add your own tools If you want.


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Case 1. Use Test Site (Galaxy Server)

Access to our public web site for testing. This is convenient just for trying the configured workflows with small size data.

Case 2. Download Virtual Machine

You can use the Pitagora-Galaxy for FREE on your PC using the Oracle VirtualBox.

Case 3. Launch AWS Cloud

Launch AMI (Amazon machine image) on your AWS account.
AWS is pay-per-use, so check this page, which is describing approximate processing time and cost for running our sample workflows.